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Here are some testimonials from our current clients: 


  • Thank you for your efforts for me in dealing with the IRS.  You have saved me much money over the course of several tax returns. And very importantly, you confirmed a regulation in the code which saved me from having to pay many thousands of dollars in taxes on a large real estate transaction. Thank you again.  ----- David Tichane, Attorney  

  • Emily Chen, CPA and EA, has expertly prepared and filed my taxes for the years covering 1998 through present time. At the time I hired Emily, I was behind in my filings, the IRS was constantly sending me notices, and I decided I needed an "Enrolled Agent" to help me with a few specific conflicts with IRS opinion.         
    Emily managed to discuss the conflicts with the IRS, prepared and filed all the past taxes AND managed to discover that I had overpaid in previous years. The resulting carry-over was an unexpected bonus. I not only got my taxes done and filed…and was exempt from paying estimated taxes for several years.      
    In addition to my own taxes, Emily takes care of one of my clients. She has researched an issue regarding capital gains that saved him paying over $40,000.  I also appreciate how Emily now manages to keep me on track so that I don’t get backlogged again in this area.  ------ Dusty L. White, DLW Fiduciary Services Partner. 

  • I have known Emily Chen,CPA,  for the past 8 years and it has been a very beneficial relationship with her with my tax returns . She knows her job well and does it with high accuracy and speed. She is well versed in the most recent tax laws and she has helped me save quite a bit the past 8 years.  I would recommend her for any business and/or individual for the best tax services. ----- Sreenivasan Balaji, IT Engineer

  • After moving to CA I used my Florida CPA for a year but eventually decided to take a CA CPA as I wasn’t sure I was getting the most benefit from my out of state one as he may not have been aware of all the CA tax laws. 

    Well I’m very glad I did and even more glad I found Emily.  She first reviewed my tax return for year 2007 (which I had already filled with my Florida CPA) and managed to get me 25% back of what I had to pay for that year (total from both federal and state).   Then she worked on my tax return for 2008 and boy I can still recall when she called me to let me know how much I was getting back.  That was the first in four years where I was getting money back and I couldn’t believe the amount so much that I had her repeat it three times (big smile).   

    Emily Chen is very thorough and knowledgeable of the tax laws and I trust her for going after all the deductions I’m eligible for.  I thank her for her hard work and truly believe she is worth every penny.----- Romain Bacou,  Technical Support Manager 

  • Emily Chen is an excellent CPA. She helped me get the refunds about $20,000+. She is outstanding and expert on helping tax payer resolving filing issues and claiming a lot of money back more than you think from Uncle Sam!!!  ----- Foong Chow, Engineer

  • I am a highly satisfied customer of Emily Chen; she has done a fantastic job with my taxes for the past 3 consecutive years.  I always seem to be doing things last minute, and she has been very helpful in meeting deadlines, submitting extensions when needed, and providing me with reminders before the deadlines occur. She has been very flexible with hours and willing to meet met after work when needed.  She is thoughtful and has treated me as a valued customer. She has been great at communicating with email, which I like because that saves on time. I would recommend Emily to new customers.------ John Peters, Engineer

  • Since my tax returns are prepared and filed by Emily Chen, C.P.A.for several years, what most impressed me is her the most update knowledge of tax laws, her talent for rich tax, particularly her ability to resolve complicated tax problem and she always help me save a lot tax. As a result, I am very glad to recommend her to any business and individual. I will never forget Emily Chen’s word:” We must file our tax return but it doesn’t mean we will pay tax if you know the tax laws and do good planning.”----- Nandian Chen, Engineer

  • Emily has been working on my tax return for over 6 years in a row. She is very careful and delignet, resulting in high quality reports. I am happy to have her.   ------- Yee-Shih Chin, Engineering Executive 

  •  I have been with Emily for 3 years (2009-now) after I had some struggles with other tax consultants. I found that Emily is an excellent CPA- tax consultant. She has been doing good job to help me solve my tax problems. Careful, motivated and organized person, Emily can help you earn tax refund well. I highly recommend her to everybody who wants to receive a faithful and good service   ------ Hoa Nguyen, Nurse  

  • Hi Emily: In all my dealings with professionals and others, I've never met anyone who works as hard as you do.  You have my utmost respect!!!  You not only work hard, but you are a true professional, who knows her craft and works hard to help your clients.  My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all the headaches you've endured on my behalf.  Needless to say, I am and will continue to be your walking billboard.  It is rare indeed to meet someone you can trust completely and know that you would serve your clients best interest at heart.  Though I'm new in the area, I will be in contact with many folks, rest assured, I will do my utmost to recommend your professional services to those who are seeking help.                   ------Tom Shim, Realtor

  • Emily is an excellent tax accountant.  She has been doing my taxes for the past 3 years.  She is knowledgeable with the new tax laws and regulations.  She also helps me with tax planning, retirement accounts and even with refinancing.  I would highly recommend her.         ------- Joyce Echon, Accountant

  • Since Emily became my CPA last year, my complicated tax returns were all straightened out. She was critically detail-oriented and was able to correct all the errors in my tax computations from my prior years' tax returns and was able to identify potential tax benefits and advantages that resulted to huge savings on my returns. She was one of the most hard-working, most organized and most accommodating accountants that I've ever engaged with from my years of dealing with various Tax professionals. I'd say that we should have more CPA's that's exemplifies her professionalism and qualities in the industry.  ----- Achilles Pablo, IT Manager 

  • Emily Chen have been my CPA for over 3 years now.  The first year, she reviewed my previous 2 year's return and found some major mistakes by other Milpitas "CPA"s, i have been very pleased with her professionalism and candor regarding my return; she got me more refunds compared to other CPAs in the past.  i highly recommend her services for anyone's tax returns.  Mark Gordon Fung, Apple computer engineer.